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Will you actually delete the SMMA Database

Yes - On the fateful day of July 1st, 2024, an unprecedented event shall transpire. As the sun sets on that mysterious eve, this community and its contents shall fade into oblivion. The once-revered database will be abandoned, consigning its digital secrets to the forgotten annals of history.

Basically, we will be deleting the channel & the content within the database on the 1st of July 2024. The content is too valuable to be released into the general public.

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When are applications open?

With the turn of the calendar, opportunity knocks for a brief period of seven days, starting from the first of every month. During this time, aspiring individuals shall vie for a chance to step into the realm of greatness.

Essentially - We have 12 openings & applications will be open at the start of every month & will close as soon as 99 members have been added.

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Do I need all the affiliate programs to sign up

Yes. It's fundamental you have all 3. GHL SaaS on its own is useless to small business owners but necessary for running your business. Uphex is fundamental as Small business owners want something simple for them to use to acquire leads & lastly, Skool is crucial to building your training platforms & creating a community i.e. Passive income.

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What happens if I quit, cancel or give up

At the end of each month, a solemn culling awaits. We will remove 10% of the list at the end of every month. Those who don't contribute, quit or cancel will be removed & banished from our group forever.

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What happens after I signed up

Sign up for the GHL SaaS, Uphex & Skool 14-Day Free Trial. When you sign up for the GHL SaaS, you'll receive access to the SaaS Accelerator Program, but you won't have access to the community. You must have signed up for all 3 affiliate codes during the application window & apply. You'll be entered into a network of ruthless entrepreneurs looking to grow their business.

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